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The Kastraki Epavlis Villa in Corfu Island

Experience the aura of staying here in Corfu Island Greece, at the traditional resort village of Spartylas and 5 minutes from the  Barbati beach. Exclusive style, traditional Corfiot architecture, and enviable service may make it challenging for you to leave your comfortable and idyllic surroundings to discover all the island of Corfu has to offer. The blend of Corfiot charm using stone and found wood create visual excitement. The lighting both in the day, but also at night seems almost magic, unexpected, and dramatic making the Villa very cozy and romantic and the perfect stage for entertaining.

Escape To This Villa in Corfu – With Everything You’ll Need For That Perfect Greek Villa Holiday. This comfortable Luxurious Villa in Corfu has ample space for a party of up to 10 guests. With 5 Bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms; it’s ideal for a larger family wanting a vacation together or for two families together. You will find outdoors of the Villa a spacious infinity Pool offering to our visitors a pleasant atmosphere, relaxation, and serenity moments.


Kastraki Epavlis Luxury Villa Holidays in Corfu Greece


Verdant, magnificent and breathtaking – these are the words that best describe the island of Corfu. A picturesque Greek paradise, Corfu is truly a gorgeous destination teeming with Byzantine churches, whitewashed houses as well as the remains of Greek temples and Venetian fortresses. Furthermore, the island boasts a string of natural wonders and features an irresistible charm.

Kastraki Epavlis Luxury Villa Holidays in Corfu Greece
Kastraki Epavlis Luxury Villa Holidays in Corfu Greece


Kastraki Epavlis range of extensive facilities and services ensures that you and your party can spend all your time enjoying your villa paradise. What better way to ensure you completely unwind and relax during your Villa holidays than to have your one professional chef in your villa!  The Villa concierge service is designed to help you focus completely on your Villa holidays and quality time with family, while we are taking care of your needs. Take in the unique sights and sounds of Corfu Greece, and the stunning landscape of the Ionian sea and mountains. When you return to your private villa Kastraki Epavlis, you’ll be coming to a place of comfort, luxury, and personalized assistance from our concierge team.


Discover Corfu:
Culture, Heritage and Ionian Finesse

From the writings of Gerald and Lawrence Durrell to the place where the shipwrecked Odysseus was soothed and sent on his way home, Corfu has been portrayed as an idyll for centuries. The Corfu of literature does still exists. All you need to do is sail around the corner, walk over the next headland or potter about the rugged interior and a place of bountiful produce, cypress-studded hills, vertiginous villages, and sandy coves lapped by cobalt-blue waters awaits.
Since the 8th century BC the island the Greeks call Kerkyra has been prized for its untamed beauty and strategic location. Ancient armies fought to possess it, while in the early days of modern Greece it was a beacon of learning. Corfiots remain proud of their intellectual and artistic roots.

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