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Situated in the southern slopes of mount Pantokratoras in Corfu Greece

Kastraki Epavlis Luxury Villa Holidays in Corfu Greece

Explore Spartylas

Spartylas is a small panoramic village in Corfu, famous for the stunning Ionian ocean views it offers. Gracefully nestled on at the verdant slopes of mount Pantokratoras at an altitude of 370 meters, above Pyrgi and Barbati, offering a magnificent view of the sea, in the whole bay of Ypsos, in Dassia and until the city of Corfu. The houses in Spartylas seem to hang over the steep slopes. The settlement is quite peaceful and pristine, despite its close proximity to the capital town of Corfu, which is only a 35-minute drive from the Villa. Spartylas Village is also popular for its taverns and restaurants which offer delicious meals of the Corfiot cuisine.  The nearest beaches are those of Ypsos and Barbati, a few minutes from the Kastraki Villa in Corfu Island.

Barbati Beach

Barbati Beach is located in the northeast of Corfu Island only 3 km from the Kastraki Epavlis Villa in Corfu. It lies around the natural bay, one of the most impressive beaches of Corfu hugged by the lush green forests and verdurous hills. The beach itself is quite inviting for its crystalline waters and the white shiny pebbles. In the past, it was actually awarded with the Blue Flag for its cleanness and organization.

At the beach, you will find plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas and watersports facilities and is ideal for underwater fishing. Small tour boats are also available for a short and exciting trip to the nearby bays. Taverns and bars dominate the wider area serving delicious Corfiot flavors and cold drinks.

Here you will find a mixture of adventure, recreation and Greek culture. The densely overgrown mountain range towers up behind the 1600 m long beach and appears particularly impressive in the golden light of the morning sun. The lush green of the olive groves harmonizes with the turquoise green waters of the Ionian Sea. The perfect place to get past everyday worries while enjoying the sun and the sea.

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