Coated with olive groves the lush island of Corfu is the second biggest of the Ionian islands and is surrounded by rugged coastline, with many fine sand beaches. Previous Italian, French and British rules have led to a rich culture, as well as fantastic food and wine which is not to be missed by any discerning traveler at Corfu Island! The eventful history of the island has left its mark, with remnants of ancient times dotted throughout the towns creating a heaven for those with an interest in architecture and history. A private yacht charter in Corfu Island is the ideal way to make the most of the crystal clear waters, with boat rental the perfect option for those wishing to partake in watersports and swimming, or simply relaxing on board.

Corfu has everything that you would want to have from an ideal yacht charter holiday destination – fresh green island terrain, flat and calm seas and safe anchorages and hot weather – in the summer months. Corfu boasts of richer vegetation, more rains and wider areas of protected waters than any other yacht charter destination in this Greek region. Corfu yacht charter holiday has got what it takes to whet your appetite for that dream Mediterranean experience.

The small islands that surround Corfu offer peace and quietness to its visitors, so don’t miss this opportunity and chater a yacht and explore the beautiful Ionienne archipelago. The nearest islands are Paxos, Antipaxos Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos. Paxos and Antipaxos are often listed as two of the best kept secrets of Europe, because mass tourism there is not present. Coming to the channel in between Corfu and Paxos, you will be able to view the turquoise color of the sea, and also enjoy the silhouette of the island of rich olive trees and other Mediterranean vegetation. If you decide to navigate with your boat and visit Lefkada, be sure to visit Porto Katziki beach and see why it was named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Greece. Another family destination is Ithaca, which is known as the birthplace of Homer’s hero Odysseus, and perfect place for all lovers of peace and quiet vacations who want to enjoy natural and cultural beauty